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Clear Aligners

Clear braces are transparent orthodontic devices that are used for tooth alignment.

Clear Aligners

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are transparent orthodontic devices that are used for tooth alignment. They consist of clear aligner trays worn over the top and bottom rows of teeth. They are very discreet, practically invisible. Few people will even notice that you’re wearing braces.

These aligner trays will be made specifically to move your teeth into a more attractive position. They should be comfortable to wear and to keep your orthodontic treatment on track, you will need to wear them for 22 hours in every 24-hour period. You’ll be able to remove them to eat and clean your teeth. This will help you enjoy your meals without feeling socially awkward. You’ll also be able to clean your teeth thoroughly.

You will receive a new set of trays during the treatment period every 1 - 2 weeks. Each new set of trays will help to continue the journey of your teeth until they reach their final tooth positions. At this point, you should achieve the new attractive smile you’ve been expecting.

Unlike traditional braces, you won’t have brackets bonded to the front of your teeth, or any wires. With clear braces, all that’s required of you to gain visibly straighter teeth is to wear the removable aligner trays as advised by your dentist.

Clear braces can correct a number of different orthodontic issues; crowded teeth, gaps in your teeth, overlapping, and crooked teeth. The brands we offer are industry leaders Invisalign and Spark. Our orthodontic treatment is affordable compared to neighbouring practices. We offer free pre-op examination, free retainers, free x-rays, and free whitening treatment at the end of the orthodontic correction period. Why not book a consultation with us and find out how quickly clear braces could give you a beautiful new smile?

The phases of clear braces treatment:

Phase 1

During your free 15-minute consultation with one of our experienced dentists; Chris Martin, Chris Elmes, or Gustavo Matias, you will have your teeth assessed for clear braces suitability. After this, we should be able to estimate the duration of your treatment plan, and what it will involve. We’ll also assess which clear braces brand will help move your teeth most efficiently and effectively. We’ll give you all the information you’ll need about having clear braces fitted, as well as the treatment period, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Phase 2

If it was decided during the consultation that Ormco Spark aligners are the best option for you, we will welcome you back to make a 3-D scan of your mouth. For this, we will use the Medit i700 i/o scanner. This will help us create a comprehensive custom treatment plan, and give us an idea of how many aligner trays will be needed to correct your orthodontic issues and give you a new, beautiful smile.

If during the consultation, we agreed on Invisalign clear braces treatment, you will have a physical impression of your mouth created using soft putty. These putty mouth impressions will be scanned by Invisalign technicians. They will use them to create a 3-D image, which will then be used to manufacture your Invisalign aligners.

Phase 3

Once the aligners for your clear braces have been created according to the specifications of your individual mouth, you can start wearing them immediately. Your treatment plan will inform you of when you will need to attend an appointment with us to change your trays. Should your teeth move faster or slower than we are expecting, we will address this at your appointment, and take appropriate action. During the treatment period, in between visiting us regularly, you should wear your aligners as directed and brush your teeth after each meal. This will help you maintain good oral hygiene.

Average treatment period length for clear braces

For Invisalign, the average treatment period is 6 months. However, the length of time you will be required to wear clear braces and complete the journey of your teeth depends on the severity of your orthodontic issues. If you wear Spark clear braces, most patients are expected to address their orthodontic issues in 10-20 months. Please note that the treatment length estimation you will be given is based on you wearing your braces for 22 hours in every 24-hour period. If you wear your braces for less than that, you can expect the treatment period to be longer.

Which clear braces brand is best for me?

Invisalign is the most well-known, well-loved brand of clear braces internationally. Still, the Ormco Spark braces team has had to work hard to offer additional benefits that patients will find valuable. Spark clear braces are more stain resistant and designed for a more comfortable fit. The question of price, and which brand should best correct the individual orthodontic issues you are experiencing, will also enter the discussion before you make your final decision.

Clear Braces Aftercare

Once orthodontic treatment ends, teeth have a tendency to move again. It’s important that you wear your clear braces until the recommended completion time to potentially avoid future tooth movement. A retainer will further support your teeth in their new position. We will custom make your retainer for you. Following clear braces treatment, you may find that your teeth have become discoloured. To counteract this, we will provide you with a free tooth whitening treatment.


Does clear braces treatment hurt?

Orthodontic treatment can put pressure on the teeth and some patients report mild discomfort associated with this. In our experience, this tends to last a short time and generally does not require painkillers to manage.

Which specific tooth problems can clear braces treat?

Clear braces can correct most of the same problems traditional braces address. Crowding, spacing, malocclusion, and getting teeth into a generally straighter position. We’ll be able to give you more detailed information about your suitability for clear braces when we meet you for your consultation.

Will they affect my speech?

It may take a few initial days to get used to wearing the aligner trays, but once you settle into them, your speech shouldn’t be affected.

How will I know if my teen is wearing their aligners for enough hours in the day?

Discreet blue dots on Invisalign aligner trays will indicate to parents that the treatment is on track and guidelines have been followed.

Is there anything I can’t do while wearing aligners?

During the treatment period, we would advise you not to smoke or chew gum whilst wearing the trays.

Will the aligners fall out?

The aligners should not fall out. They are designed to fit snugly, and comfortably.

How do I clean my aligners?

You can brush your aligner trays and rinse them in lukewarm water to keep them clean.

What happens if I break an aligner tray?

If you accidentally break a tray, get in touch with us and we’ll provide a replacement as fast as possible.

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